Amerie’s Book Club

The book: Cobalt Red by Siddharth Kara

Our reviewer says: "In this tour-de-force exposé, Kara, a professor of human trafficking and modern slavery at Nottingham University, uncovers the abuse and suffering powering the digital revolution." Read more.

Alta Journal’s California Book Club

The book: Eat the Mouth That Feeds You by Carribean Fragoza

Our reviewer says: "Fragoza’s debut collection delivers expertly crafted tales of Latinx people trying to make sense of violent, dark realities.... With haunting prose and an aptitude for the surreal, Fragoza emerges as a distinctive voice." Read more.

Audacious Book Club

The book: Hot Springs Drive by Lindsay Hunter

Our reviewer says: "Hunter spins a thrilling and addictive story of a murderer, his troubled mother, and his next-door victim.... Hunter’s masterwork hits all the right notes." Read more.


The book: Data Baby by Susannah Breslin

Our reviewer says: "Journalist Breslin’s fascinating debut memoir tackles the fallout from her enrollment in a psychological experiment as a child.... Breslin attacks her subject with verve and wit, resisting woe-is-me solipsism without defanging her critiques of the study that rocked her life." Read more.

CBS New York Book Club

The book: The Little Liar by Mitch Albom

Our reviewer says: "The riveting if rushed latest from Albom (The Stranger in the Lifeboat) explores the legacy of the Holocaust on the Jewish community in Thessaloniki, Greece.... This adds up to a weighty examination of the Nazis’ lies and their lingering consequences." Read more.

Good Housekeeping Book Club

The book: Welcome Home, Stranger by Kate Christensen

Our reviewer says: "In Christensen’s penetrating latest, a journalist returns to her hometown in Maine after the death of her estranged mother,... Readers in search of an engrossing family drama will find much to like." Read more.

Good Morning America Book Club

The book: The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon

Our reviewer says: "Lawhon draws from the diary of an 18th-century midwife for the stirring story of one woman’s quest for justice.... This accomplished historical powerfully speaks to centuries-old inequities that remain in the present day." Read more.

Marie Claire’s #ReadWithMC

The book: Alice Sadie Celine by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Our reviewer says: "YA author Blakley-Cartwright makes her adult debut with an elegant study of three women exploring their gender and sexuality.... This satisfies the head and the heart." Read more.

Maude’s Book Club

The book: The Dungeon Anarchist Cookbook by Matt Dinniman

Mocha Girls Read Book Club

The book: Verity by Colleen Hoover

Read with Jenna

The book: We Must Not Think of Ourselves by Lauren Grodstein

Our reviewer says: "Grodstein draws on archival records for an eloquent story of the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII.... This will stay with readers." Read more.

Reese’s Book Club

The book: Before We Were Innocent by Ella Berman

Our reviewer says: "This tale of how the emotional bonds forged in youth can define people’s lives long afterward will resonate with many." Read more.

Subtle Asian Book Club

The book: Minor Detail by Adania Shibli

Our reviewer says: "Shibli’s startling, cinematic novel (after Touch) centers on crimes against Palestinians in the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli War and in the present.... [A] remarkable exercise in dramatizing a desire for justice." Read more.

Target Book Club

The book: The Last Love Note by Emma Grey

Our reviewer says: "Australian writer Grey makes her U.S. debut with a clever if underwhelming story about a young widow who considers a new love." Read more.