Sales Snapshot

The #1 book in the country is Winter Turning, the seventh graphic novel adaptation from Tui T. Sutherland’s Wings of Fire middle grade fantasy series. It smoked the competition in most regions across the U.S., with two exceptions: Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross fought to the top in the East South Central states, and in the West South Central area, Texas native Alex Snodgrass tempted readers with her third cookbook, Dinner Tonight.

Rich Rewards

Vivian “Your Rich BFF” Tu lands at #4 on our hardcover nonfiction list with Rich AF, “a spry crash course for how young people can build wealth,” according to our review. The TikTok personality (2.5 million followers) and former Wall Street trader explained her goals for the book in a prepub interview with PW. “Because finance is jargon-heavy, people think they have to be smart to understand it,” she said. “You just need a plan. I hope this book gives you the road map.”


Ali Abdaal
#7 Hardcover Nonfiction
“Medical doctor-turned-YouTuber Abdaal debuts with an energetic guide,” our review said, proposing that joy, not an endless slog of hard work, is the key to achieving one’s goals. “Lucidly written and grounded in persuasive research studies, this presents a wise alternative to a ‘hustle-harder’ culture in which success requires suffering. Abdaal’s solid insights on confidence, motivation, and creativity inspire.”