Strong Brew

Hafsah Faizal whirls onto our children’s fiction list at #8 with the YA vampire fantasy A Tempest of Tea, “a steadfast love letter to the security of found family, the strength and struggles of immigrants thriving in the face of violent colonialism and white supremacy, and the wondrous experience of a good cup of tea,” according to our starred review. “Faizal draws on well-known adventure tropes then delightfully subverts them via sumptuous writing, making for a sublime heist novel and revenge tale.” It follows her debut duology, Sands of Arawiya, which opened with 2019’s We Hunt the Flame and has sold 176K print copies.

TikTok Boom

Visions of Flesh and Blood, #8 on our hardcover fiction list, is a companion volume to two related Jennifer L. Armentrout series: Blood and Ash, and Flesh and Fire. Armentrout, who wrote the new book with romance, horror, and thriller author Rayvn Salvador,
introduced her fantasy world with 2020’s From Blood and Ash, a BookTok success story that’s sold 240K print copies. Another BookTok favorite, Her Soul to Take, captures the #4 spot on our trade paperback list. The dark paranormal romance, which author Harley Laroux originally self-published in 2021, marks their traditionally published debut.

The Scene of the Crime

A.J. Finn, a pseudonym for former Morrow editor Dan Mallory, made a high-profile debut with 2018’s The Woman in the Window—followed, a year later, by a damning New Yorker profile depicting Finn as the unreliable narrator of his own life story. He returns post-flameout with a new psychological thriller, End of Story, #12 on our hardcover fiction list. “More than a mere puzzle, this elegant symphony of ghosts and fog concerns the nature of storytelling itself,” per our starred review, “and the crucial art of crafting one’s own narrative.”


Mostly What God Does

Savannah Guthrie

#1 Hardcover Nonfiction, #1 overall

Today coanchor Guthrie’s
“poignant account of the role that religious faith has played in her life,” according to our review, “persuasively renders the evolution of a hard-won religious belief that makes room for imperfection.”


Charles Duhigg

#5 Hardcover Nonfiction

“Drawing on social experiments, neurological studies, and examples of how CIA agents recruit informants and doctors review treatment options with patients,” per our starred review, “Duhigg provides wise advice for bonding with friends, fighting with partners, and bridging divides over such lightning-rod issues as gun control.”