Emmy Award–winning host and drag performer RuPaul has launched Allstora, an independent, author-owned online book marketplace offering more than 10 million titles. Per a release, the company plans to "challenge the e-commerce status quo by introducing a new model of splitting its profits with authors, in turn doubling their income on the sale of a book."

Allstora was cofounded by RuPaul, who will serve as chief creative officer; author and advocate Eric Cervini, who will serve as CEO; and drag performer and actor Adam Powell. The company's mission is "to protect, promote, and empower all storytellers through an equitable compensation model and to uplift the voices of underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ+ people, women, and communities of color." Allstora will split profits with authors and, through a wholesale membership model, offer discounts of 30-50% on all books.

This month, Allstora will also debut RuPaul's Book Club, a monthly subscription service featuring books curated by RuPaul. Membership will include monthly book deliveries and access to exclusive interviews, themed playlists, audio recordings of book excerpts, and more. The inaugural pick is RuPaul's own memoir, The House of Hidden Meanings, which hits bookstore shelves tomorrow.

In addition, Allstora's philanthropic arm, the Rainbow Book Bus, will partner with local LGBTQ organizations to distribute diverse titles to communities that have limited access to books or are facing book bans. Powell will serve as executive director of the Rainbow Book Bus, and Kappel will serve as its director of operations.

To coincide with Allstora's launch, the Rainbow Book Bus will embark on an inaugural cross-country tour, with plans to distribute more than 10,000 books along the route. Tour stops include Phoenix, Ariz., Tulsa, Okla., Memphis, Tenn., Birmingham, Ala., Atlanta, Ga., Tallahassee, Fla., and San Antonio, Tex., with more stops to be announced at a later date.