Vroman’s Bookstore announced via social media on March 27 that it will close its Hastings Ranch Vroman’s location in Pasadena, effective May 12.

“Today, we are disappointed to share with you that we were unable to reach an agreement with the property owner of Hastings Ranch that was sustainable, due to increasing occupancy expenses,” the company wrote on Instagram.

On January 18, Vroman’s owner Joel Sheldon announced plans to sell the venerable company, which was founded in 1894 and honored as PW’s bookstore of the year in 2008. Vroman’s Bookstore incudes the flagship location on Colorado Boulevard, the smaller Hastings Ranch location, and Book Soup in West Hollywood.

“At the time of that announcement [by Sheldon], we were in lease negotiations for our Hastings Ranch Vroman’s location and optimistic about continuing our business there,” the company informed its social media followers. “After more than 20 years at that site, we have a dedicated customer base and an equally dedicated group of booksellers.” The company called the development “unexpected and disappointing.”

At present, “the search for the right new ownership continues” for the remaining branches, according to the Instagram post. Vroman’s CEO Julia Cowlishaw assured PW that “both locations are leased and secure.”

Twelve employees work at the Hastings Ranch store, and all of them received advance notice of the planned closure. In an email to PW, Cowlishaw said that store management “met with each staff member individually prior to the announcement,” and “we encourage them to apply for open positions at the other stores.”

“We will do everything we can to support them through continued employment with the company where possible,” the company wrote in the social media post. “Their dedication and hard work made that store successful, and we are forever grateful.”