Scott Pilgrim Arriving in Theaters, On Adult Swim

Scott Pilgrim, the movie based on Brian Lee O'Malley's epic indie comic, directed by Hot Fuzz's Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera premieres on August 13. Accompanying the movie are two animated shorts on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim airing between 12 and 12:30 a.m. during the time usually set aside for commercial breaks and a series of humorous fake movie posters for films starringScott Pilgrim character Lucas Lee. Here's Publishers Weekly's original review of the first book in the series, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life.

Larry Marder Elected CBLDF President

Veteran indie comics creator Larry Marder, known for his comic Beanworld, has been elected the new president of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. PWCW's own Calvin Reid covers the subject in an article for the Publishers Weekly website.

All Vertigo Comics Go Adults-Only on iPad App

DC Comics' iPhone and iPad app will no longer carry Vertigo comics, regardless of content, to readers under 18. The comics will remain on the Comics by Comixology app, which is rated 17+. The change quietly went into effect last week, startling unsuspecting readers.

Wizzywig Goes Live Online

Ed Piskor's epic comic about the early days of the internet is finally up, for free, on the internet at his site Wizzywig is the story of the fictional early hacker and phone phreaker Kevin Phenicle, based heavily on the stories of real early hackers. PWCW ran an in depth story about the book last year, available here.

See the Cubs with Azzarello for Charity

Comics creator Brian Azzarello, known for his work on 100 Bullets, has announced that he is raffling off three baseball tickets to see the Cubs with him to benefit the Hero Initiative. "Misery loves company, and I'm happy to share this experience with three lucky fans” he says. The Hero Initiative is a non-profit to benefit ill and aging comics creators in need. More information is available in this article on Robot 6.

Haaretz Asks Why Aren’t Superheroes Big in Israel?

In a feature earlier this week, the Israeli paper Haaretz covers the history of Israeli superhero comics and speculation from cartoonists on why the genre never caught on there.

Indian Graphic Novel Boom and Sarnath Bannerjee at The Times of India

The Times of India has a new article up about the recent growth of graphic novels in the Indian market.

Motley Fool Praises Comics Company Stocks

Respected finance site Motley Fool judges that comic company stocks are a good investment in this brand new article. "The next Marvel is still out there."

This Week @ Good Comics For Kids

This week School Library Journal’s blog Good Comics for Kids had a review ofMax Axiom: Super Scientist, Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends: Double Duckand Chicagoland Detective Agency No.1: The Drained Brain Caper, the 8/9 “What We’re Reading This Week” feature andthe 8/4 listing of comics suitable for all ages.

This Week @ The Beat

This week PWCW editor Heidi MacDonald’s blog The Beat, covers “Keep them in the dark” – the true blog confession of a truly exploitative publisher, the news that Man of Action Studios - creators of Ben 10- will be producing the first season of Marvel’s new Spider-Man series, and Mark Millar’s Nemesis has gotten a movie deal and Tony Scott has been signed to direct, the June 2010 month-to-month sales numbers for Indie publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Disney’s acquisition of Radical’s comic Oblivion, Inception’s possible comic book inspirations, Robot 13 hits 100,000 downloads, Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman pitch, the unholy mating of New Yorker cartoons and Kanye West’s twitter feed, the Comic Art Professional Society seeking donations for an auction to benefit veteran comics artists Russell Heath and Ralph Reese, and hosts the next installment in movie critic Todd Alcott’s project to review every Batman movie ever made: The Alcott Analysis: Batman Begins.