J. M. Straczynski to Quit Monthlies, Write More Graphic Novels

The comics writer J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5 and scripter of the movie Changeling, has announced he will be leaving his duties on DC's flagship titles Superman and Wonder Woman in order to write a sequel to his popular new original graphic novel, Superman: Earth One. Straczynski started ambitious new storylines on Superman and Wonder Woman, the first involving a flightless walk across the nation, the other a new costume and backstory, complete with a full memory wipe. Both stories will now be completed by Chris Roberson on Superman and Phil Hester on Wonder Woman. More details are available on DC's official blog The Source.

Comics at the Miami Book Fair

The Miami Book Fair will once again have its own comic book division entitled Comix Galaxy at this year's event. Comix Galaxy features will include its School of Comics for Educators and Librarians, Kids Comic Con courtesy of Alex Simmons, and a wide array of comics guests including Raina Telgenmeier, Greg Rucka, Lynda Barry, Jimmy Palmiotti, Kim Deitch, Chip Kidd, Inverna Lockpez, Joe Sacco and Jan Van Meter. The Miami Book Fair takes place from November 14 – 21, with its street fair running the 19-21. Details are available on the show's website, MiamiBookFair.com.

Spider-Man Musical Unsafe?

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the Broadway Spider-Man musical written by Bono and the Edge and created by Julie Taymor has run into yet another difficulty – the danger it poses to its performers. Unsurprisingly for a stage spectacular about a webslinging superhero, there are a lot of wire-flying and acrobatic stunts. Unfortunately, these have recently caused a rash of injuries amongst the cast has caused safety inspectors from the New York Department of Labor and Actor's Equity to take a close and critical look at the show. One actor, Kevin Aubin, broke both of his wrists during a stunt gone wrong. He requires help to feed, dress and bathe himself until he heals, though the production is footing the bill for his home care. Originally set to go into previews at the end of this month, the show has been delayed until January 11, possibly in part because of safety concerns. More details are available at the New York Post here.

Kirby Krackle Comics Band Signs With Marvel

Kirby Krackle, a rock band specializing in songs about comic books and comic book characters, has signed a deal with Marvel Comics for an as yet undisclosed project known only as “Project Moonbase”. Based out of Seattle, Kirby Krackle first became known on the internet, and recently played at the 2010 New York Comic Con. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has performed live with the band on a number of occasions. Jim Demonakos, the band's drummer and one of its song writers, is the founder of Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con as well as The Comic Shop, Washington State's largest chain of comic book stores. They are currently campaigning to get “Ring Capacity”, an ode to Green Lantern, into the upcoming in the same title. More details are available on Comics Alliance.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Creator to be Graphic Novel

Stieg Larsson, late author of the hit mystery novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which has already been made into two different major motion pictures, is set to become the subject of a graphic novel himself. Larsson was a crusading reporter, a fervent Trotskeyite, and an activist against the white-supremacist movement. Artist Frederic Rebena and Guilliame Lebeau will create the graphic novel, slated to come out next year, for the French publisher Depuis. This report comes from the Swedish paper Dagens Industi via Bleeding Cool.

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