World War 3 Retrospective at NYC’s Exit Art

If you’re in New York City be sure to head over to Exit Art, the giant alternative art space on the West Side of Manhattan. The space is hosting Graphic Radicals, a 30 year anniversary retrospective of the indie political activist comics anthology, World War 3, founded by cartoonists Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper. The show presents 30 years of grass roots and populist political comics aimed at local and international political events often ignored by the mainstream press. The show features work from such artists as Sue Coe, Peter Bagge, James Romberger, Joe Sacco, Spain Rodriquez and more. The exhibition is up until February 7. Exit Art is located at 475 10thAvenue in New York City.

James Romberger on Wojnarowicz’s ‘A Fire in My Belly’

Cartoonist James Romberger, who collaborated with the late David Wojnarowicz on his acclaimed (and sadly out of print) graphic autobiography, Seven Miles A Second, has written a detailed essay about Wojnarowicz’s life and work. The essay is directed at the controversy surrounding, A Fire in My Belly, a film by Wojnarowicz that has been removed from an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery because of its depiction of ants crawling over a crucifix. Romberger’s essay looks at Wojnarowicz’s art and his death from AIDs in 1992 and puts the film into the broad context of Wojnarowicz’s life and his protests against all politically motivated organized religion.

Marvel's Alias Comes to ABC

According to Variety, Marvel has inked a deal to bring Brian Bendis's acclaimed comic Alias, about a superhero turned reporter, to the small screen. Under the new name Aka Jessica Jones – so named to avoid confusion with the J.J. Abrams show Alias - the comic will become a television show for ABC.

Comixology Comes to the Android Platform

Comixology, currently the frontrunner in the digital comics app race, creator of the DC and Marvel comics apps, is now available for Android. This vastly widens the number of smartphones that are capable of reading comics from this digital publisher.

Transmetropolitan Book on Kickstarter for CBLDF

Transmetropolitan is on Kickstarter. Warren Ellis's acclaimed dark science fiction comedy about a crazed, crusading gonzo journalist in an impenatrably corrupt world will become the subject of a charity art book, if it can raise enough money on the Kickstarter fundraising site. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, devoted to protecting free speech in comics, is planning a Transmetropolitan charity art book featuring the work of Sam Kieth, Cully Hamner, Cliff Chiang, Jeff Lemire and many many more. For more details, and to help out, go here.

Walking Dead Comic Creators Interviewed by Vice

Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, the original creators of the Eisner-winning zombie comic The Walking Dead, have been interviewed by Vice Magazine in an article that touches upon the show, the comic and their acrimonious artistic breakup.

Free Little Nemo Digital Comic

A free sampler of Windsor McCay's original 1906 Little Nemo comics, is available for the iPad courtesy of Sunday Press. Entitled Little Nemo in Santaland, the sampler is Christmas themed. More details here, from Robot 6.

Girl Genius Novel Hits Print

The first text novel incarnation of Phil and Kaja Foglio's Eisner-winning webcomic Girl Genius has become available to the public. Entitled Agatha H. and the Airship City, the book is now available in ebook form from Baen Books and will become available in hardcover from Night Shade Books and on the Amazon Kindle store on January 1.

This Week @ Good Comics For Kids

This week School Library Journal’s blog Good Comics for Kids had reviews of two new sports manga omnibusesandThe Unsinkable Walker Bean, what the GC4K bloggers are reading this week, the GC4K Best Comics for Kids of 2010 list and the 12/15 roundup of good comics for kids.

This Week @ The Beat

This week PWCW editor Heidi MacDonald’s blog The Beat covered Mark Bagley's return to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, the death of Adrienne Roy, colorist for DC Comics, tidings of gloom from Josh Blaylock and Brian Hibbs, a discussion of the end of Berkeley's beloved Comic Relief comic store, and the Spider-Man musical is delayed until February in order to acquire a plot.