Hot on the heels of the New 52, the revamp and relaunch of its superhero universe with 52 new #1 issues, DC Comics is collecting all the first issues in DC Comics The New 52 Omnibus, a mammoth hardcover omnibus collection that will sell for $150. The supersized hardcover will be released in the comics shop market and in the general bookstore market on December 13.

DC Comics’ relaunch of its superhero universe in September has been a huge hit for the company. The relaunch has generated enormous media buzz, while reviving interest in DC’s supehero comics; pushing more comics publishers to release digital and print day and date; and sending new and old readers into stores looking for print comics. Now the publisher is commemorating the relaunch by collecting each of the #1 issues in a giant, 1,216 page hardcover that weighs more than 7 pounds. The book is in full color on high quality paper.

Josh Kushins, DC Comics publicity manager, said in this instance the book is being offered to retailers on a nonreturnable basis. He also said there are no plans for a paperback edition. He said that while, “each of the 52 individual issues had their own respective editors and our collected editions team put it all together for the hardcover volume.” No word on whether there will be any special promotional events to market the volume.