A sequel to Jinx, an updated graphic novel version of Archie Comics’ original 1940 Li’l Jinx comic, will be released in April 2013. The new Jinx series has been created by writer J. Torres and artist Rick Burchett.

Originally the story of precocious little girl, Torres and Burchett have recreated the character as a lively and outspoken high school teenage girl who’s into sports and often in trouble with the principal or her dad. In the new series she parents are separated and she lives with her dad during the school year and her mom in the summer. All of Jinx’s original little buddies have been brought along and upgraded into contemporary teenagers.

Published this month, the first volume of the Jinx graphic novel introduced Jinx Holliday, her dad Hap and her first year in a new high school and In phone interview with J. Torres he said readers will now get to meet Jinx’s Mom. “We finally get to meet Jinx’s mom, Merry. Even in the original strips she was a rare sighting. We really involve her in the second story arc, which is about dealing with divorce, meeting expectations, and following in a parent's footsteps, among other things.”

Torres said reception of the first Jinx graphic novel has been, “pretty nice. Starting with the ARCs we handed out at ALA Midwinter in Dallas. The feedback we've been getting is overwhelmingly positive.” And Torres also outlined what we can expect to see in the second volume. “We'll see Jinx finding her niche at the school, which of course will involve a team sport. We'll also continue fleshing out the supporting cast and exploring Jinx's relationships with them.” In the first volume of Jinx, her relationship with her longtime boy friend (space between the words) could be changing to that of boyfriend (no space), and Torres said, “Yes, including possible romance. We're also planning to introduce some new characters, new students, but I don't want to go into any detail yet since this is down the road and the new character focus for now is Merry.”