Japanese manga publisher Kodansha announced plans to create a new anime series based on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, better known simply as Sailor Moon, one of the most popular media franchises of all time. Plans for the new Sailor Moon anime were announced today at the Japan Expo in Paris during a celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the Sailor Moon anime.

Kodansha USA Publishing confirmed the announcement about the new anime which was made during celebrations at the Japan Expo honoring the 20th annivesary of the original Sailor Moon anime that included a live video stream reunion of the original voice actors Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon) and Toru Furuya (Tuxedo Mask). Sailor Moon is the story of a ditzy teenage girl who discovers that she’s really “Sailor Moon” a magical warrior charged with protecting the earth from a variety of evil forces. The anime is based on the bestselling manga by Naoki Tekeuchi was originally published in 1991 and ran for 18 volumes before ending in 1997. The original Sailor Moon anime first aired in 1992.

Since it was first released in 1991, the Sailor Moon manga has sold more 35 million copies, not to mention generating billions in revenue in broadcasting and merchandise well beyond its publishing sales. The title was relaunched in 2011 in the U.S. by Kodansha USA Publishing and its Kodansha Comics imprint and continues to be a top selling graphic novel series.