This week in Super Folk, PW Comics World’s superhero news column, the rest of the Comic-Con news, upcoming notable releases from publishers including Dark Horse and IDW, digital news, Marvel NOW Point One’s cast is revealed and more.

Comic-Con Continued: Dark Horse, First Comics, iVerse

Aside from the high profile announcement of it new Star Wars ongoing and Mike Mignola’s return to Hellboy, Dark Horse also showcased To Hell You Ride, a new horror title co-written by actor Lance Henriksen (The Terminator, Aliens) and Joesph Maddrey and illustrated by Tom Mandrake. Out in December, the series follows the story of a flesh-eating plague that infects residents of a town built over an ancient burial ground.

Dark Hose also announced three new installments to Mignola’s vampire hunter series, Baltimore. In Novemberthere's Baltimore: The Play, written by Mignola and Christopher Golden and illustrated by Ben Stenbeck, about a playwright and his mysterious, vampire-filled production. Then in February 2013 is Baltimore: The Widow and The Tank containing two stories, one about a husband who returns from war a vampire and the other about a local vampire that inhabits an abandoned tank. Finally, June 2013 brings Baltimore: The Inquisitor, which explores the past of series villain Judge Duvic. Dark Horse also announced Dragon Resurrection, a new graphic novel co-produced by Chinese publisher DeZerlin, and part of the company’s international franchise of books, games and movies. The series is created by Lin Zhang, and the new graphic novel, out in 2013, is written by Mark Byers and illustrated by Imaginary Friends Studios.

On Sunday at Comic-Con, acclaimed writer/artist Darwyn Cooke and editor Scott Dunbier announced The Handle, the fourth installment in Cooke’s award-winning “Parker” series of adaptations. The pair also promised a fifth book after that (possibly The Mourner) and hopes for a sixth.

Recently resurrected publisher First Comics were at Comic-Con promoting its upcoming new and reprinted releases. Aside from a reprint of the original series, First Comics is publishing a new book in writer Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) and artist Terry Beatty’s Ms. Tree series, about a detective who is a single mom. The new book returns to the titular character two decades after where they left off in their last installment. Also announced was Hemoglobin, about the world’s last vampire, written by Larry Young and illustrated by Shawn and Matt Fillbach. Then there’s Drude, by Omaha Perez, due out next year, a new project from Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler, two new projects from Matt Sturges (Jack of Fables), reprints of Warp! – some of writer Bill Willingham’s (Fables) earliest work and a new edition of E-Man by Joe Staton and Nic Cuti.

Digital service iVerse Media added to its current offerings, announcing some upcoming features to its ComicsPlus publishing platform, including PDF conversion and DRM-free content for publisher’s titles. The company also took a page out of Kickstarter’s book with Comics Accelerator, a new crowdfunding service that will allow both creators and publishers to propose specific projects to users and offer immediate digital incentives.

Finally, Bleeding Cool reports of a crossover between 2000AD’s Strontium Dog and Image Comics’ Elephantmen by writer Richard Starkings and artist Boo Cook, in November’s upcoming Thought Bubble Anthology.

According to The Beat, Diamond Comics Distributors (along with the support of many mainstream comics publishers) are introducing new incentives aimed to urge retailers to open more store locations and increase existing markets. Some of the incentives include backlist discounts of up to 69%, a new backlist consignment program that allows retailers to order books for up to six months before payment and store starter kits.

Marvel NOW Point One Characters

About a week ago Marvel Comics teased Marvel NOW Point One, a new anthology style series featuring a number of major characters in the publisher’s upcoming soft reboot of its universe and titles. At first, only Nick Fury Jr. was visible, throwing fives files with question marks on them. Over the last few days Marvel has been revealing each of the files as Nova, Ant Man, Cable, Starlord and former Young Avengers Wiccan, Kid Loki and Miss America.

DC Comics: Before Watchmen Sales, Fill-in Artists, Tim Drake

According to recent Diamond sales estimates, in June DC Comics’ Before Watchmen prequels’ debut issues sold over 100,000 copies each, a huge win for the publisher, and seem to be one of the drivers of 2012’s overall sales increase. Comic Book Resources’ John Mayo speculates that the miniseries’ third and final issue sales will be lower, but will probably be a big seller in trade form, as the original Watchmen is.

In Teen Titans #0, coming in September, writer Scott Lobdell claimed that Tim Drake, former Robin and currently Red Robin, will never have been Robin in the publisher’s New 52 timeline. However, other series, such as Batman, have included Drake’s time as the Boy Wonder and even the book’s solicitation text makes mention of it.

Coming Soon from IDW, Image, Valiant and MonkeyBrain

Last week IDW announced the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2012, from writer/artist (and Turtles co-creator) Kevin Eastman and co-writer Tom Waltz, arriving in October. The annual sets up a new storyline and follows Raphael and Casey Jones as they, and eventually the other turtles, become involved in gang wars in New York City’s criminal underworld. IDW also revealed a new 3D movie tie-in Judge Dredd prequel comic, written by 2000AD editor Matt Smith and illustrated by Henry Flint. The comic hits shelves in September to coincide with the film’s release.

In October, writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder present Halloween Eve, a new on-shot from Image Comics that began on Kickstarter. The comic centers on Eve, a witty and creative Halloween store employee whose wild imagination suddenly manifests itself with frightening consequences.

Valiant Entertainment announced the October 24th release of Valiant Masters: Bloodshot Volume 1 – Blood of the Machine, a new hardcover containing the first eight issues of the original series from the 1990s, along with a new story by Bloodshot creators Kevin VanHook and Don Perlin.

Recently launched digital comics publisher MonkeyBrain Comics revealed seven new titles: Wander, written by Kevin Church and illustrated by Grace Allison, Intergalactic by Joe Keatinge and Ken Garing, Konqueror by Chris Schweitzer and Audrey Morris, Roundup edited by Schweitzer, Dreamsequencer: Spirit of the Law by Brand Seifert and Michael Montenat, Masks and Mobsters by Joshua William and Mike Henderson, and Awesome Adventures by Chris Roberson and Thomas N. Perkins IV. Only a few of the new titles are currently available, but will be published in the coming months.

Misc News

Following the announcement of new print editions, last week, Street Fighter comics publisher Udon announced it will be digitally releasing a page of the series every weekday for free online.

According to Bleeding Cool, A1, an anthology series created by Dave Elliot featuring the works of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Ted McKeever, Dave McKean, Gary Leach, Brian Bolland and more is being relaunched digitally this October by Elliot. A preview #0 issue is said to drop some time this week.

In October, Bongo and United Plankton Productions are publishing a special Halloween issue of Spongebob Comics featuring the works of a number of acclaimed cartoonists such as Steve Bissette, Tony Millionaire and Al Jaffe.

Some details emerged for Howard Chaykin’s upcoming Buck Rogers comic including a May 2013 release date and a total of four issues scheduled with the possibility of more.