Comics Events

Compiled by Kate Fitzsimons

Our 1/28/2013 calendar of upcoming comics events.

2/3 Ming Doyle Signs Graphic Novel "Mara" in Boston, MA

Acclaimed comics artist Ming Doyle will appear at Comicopia in Boston to sign and celebrate her new graphic novel Mara. Co-created with Brian Wood of Northlanders and DMZ, the book is the futuristic tale of Mara, a famous athelete who discovers she has superpowers – for better and worse. This free event will take place on Saturday, 2/3 at Comicopia, located at 464 Commonwealth Avenue #13, Boston, MA.

2/3 100th Issue of "Invincible" Party with Kirkman and Ottley in Sherman Oaks, CA

Smash hit indie comics creators Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley will celebrate the 100th issue and 10th anniversary of their creator-owned comic Invincible with a party at Earth 2 in Sherman Oaks on Saturday, February 2. The comic is a coming of age comedy/drama about a young half-alien superhero. The party is open to the general public and will include free signings and cake. The event will takes place from 12 - 3 p.m. at Earth-2 Comics, located at 15017 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA .

2/9 New Chuck Jones Art & Animation Exhibit in San Francisco, CA

The work of legendary animator and animation director Chuck Jones, creator of some of the most famous and beloved Warner Brothers cartoons will appear in a new exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum. Celebrating the 100th birthday of the late Oscar-winning director, "Chuck Jones: Drawing on the Imagination" will showcase 100 works of Jones's art from the 1930's – 1990's. The exhibit runs from February 9 – May 5 at the Cartoon Art Museum, located at 655 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA..