Gen Manga, a digital and print publisher specializing in Japanese indie manga, has signed with Diamond Book Distributors for print distribution to the book trade. Gen Manga publishes monthly anthologies of manga titles as well as standalone tankobon (original graphic novels) featuring “doujinshi,” or original manga that have been self-published or independently published and are the equivalent of American indie or alternative comics.

DBD’s Gen Manga distribution will start in October 2013. Under the new distribution agreement, Gen Manga titles will be available to general trade book market worldwide. The company has 6 backlist titles and plan to publish 7 new titles in 2013 and 12 new titles in 2014 (one per month).

Gen Manga also recently launched Gen Manhwa, a monthly anthology of Korean Comics (manhwa is the Korean term for comics), as well as Sorako by Takayuki Fujimura, an original 154 page manhwa graphic novel for $2.99. Typically Gen Manga/Manhwa releases its anthologies and books in digital editions first and makes print editions available through B&N and other outlets. Gen Manga also publishes its English-language manga simultaneously with its Japanese language editions.