Graphicly, a platform for the distribution, storage and promotion of digital content, is launching a new SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that allows publishers to easily convert any document into the ePub3 or KF8 e-book format with a few simple clicks. Publishers or self-publishers can upload a standard format file and the new cloud-based web inteface can convert and manage the file in minutes and then distribute it through every major retail outlet.

The new Graphicly service is in beta, is free to you use up to a 1000 pages and it supports optimized fixed-layout visual books, Children’s books, graphic novels and cook books.

Graphicly CEO David Fox said, he had so much confidence in the new system Graphicly is offering it for use free,. “For years, publishers have waited for a robust, simple, automated, and cost-effective way to convert, distribute and promote digital books. For the first time, publishers can not only convert books at a high quality and a high volume, they can do it at almost no cost.”