Continuing its efforts to make its digital manga catalog available through every online retail channel, manga publisher Viz Media is making its entire list of digital manga available for purchase through Google Play Books. Since October, Viz has made its manga catalog available on the Kindle Fire, iOS7 and, in Europe, Comixology platforms.

The new deal will make more than 1700 volumes of Japanese comics (manga) across more than 170 different series available for sale via Google Play Books. All manga volumes are generally priced at $6.99. Titles include all of the Viz Media’s bestselling manga series, including Naruto, Bakuman, Bleach, One-Piece, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cross Game and more.

Viz Media executive v-p and CTO Gagan Singh, said, “Google Play is one of the most-visited and fastest-growing online entertainment destinations, and we look forward to the platform’s large mainstream audience discovering and enjoying one of the most substantial digital manga catalogs available anywhere.”