Titan Comics announced a deal with BBC Worldwide to create an all-new series of comics adapting the new adventures of Doctor Who, the wildly popular British TV series. The first of the Doctor Who comics will be released this year and will feature new adventures of the tenth, eleventh and, once he’s introduced in this year’s TV show, the twelfth Doctor Who.

U.K.-based Titan Comics publishers a list of popular British and American comics as well as pop culture related books. While the new series of Doctor Who comics will be begin being released this year, Titan has not yet announced the names of the creative team that will produce the comics.

An acclaimed, long running and endlessly popular British science-fiction TV series, Doctor Who is no less popular in the U.S. and around the world. It’s the tale of Doctor Who, a mysterious Time Lord who jumps around the universe in the Tardis, a time-traveling device that looks like a British phone booth, having adventures, fighting unusual foes and the like. Since its beginning in 1963, the TV show has featured a series of Doctor Whos and beginning in 2014 will feature the twelfth, played by Peter Capaldi, who takes over from the eleventh Doctor Who, Matt Smith.

The program is broadcast in over 2000 countries around the world and last year celebrated its 50th anniversary.