Digital comics vendor Comixology marked the one year anniversary of Comixology Submit, its fast-growing self-publishing platform, with the offer of a bargain e-bundle collecting the top 100 books from the Submit program for $10. The commemorative discount will last until March 10 and is the latest in a series of promotions unveiled at the SXSW gaming pavilion where Comixology sponsors the Geek Stage.

Comixology Submit is a comics self-publishing program that allows anyone to submit a comics title to the program for digital distribution. Comixology will review it for competency and, if approved, will convert the comic into their format, offer it for sale and split the revenue 50% with the creator. Comixology serves a global market for English language comics (40% of its signups are from abroad) and it provides its creators—whether it’s a newbie or a longtime professional—with global digital distribution and sales.

The digital vendor is offering the discount Comixology Submit bundle which includes the top 100 Submit titles for $10, a selection of books that generally would cost about $300 altogether, according to the retailer. During the SXSW panel, Comixology also released a few data points on usage of Comixology Submit.

Last Summer Submit offered about 150 series for sale. The service now offers more than 1000 submissions for sale online via the Comixology marketplace. The program was tenth in gross revenues among new releases at Comixology last year, according Chip Mosher, Comixology v-p, communication & Marketing, during a panel at SXSW, and submissions to the platform come from 26 countries around the world.

Comixology CEO and cofounder John Robertts said SXSW has “long been known as the place to discover new indie music and films, and today fans can now discover indie comics and graphic novels as well.” In the same vein Comixology Submit, he said, “lets readers experience a broad range of content from creators who deserve exposure but may not be able to get the attention of print publishers.”