Marking the appearance of Jet City Comics, Amazon Publishing’s graphic novel and comics imprint, this weekend at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, the publisher has released the cover art for the first three issues of Wool: The Graphic Novel, the comics adaptation of author Hugh Howey’s bestselling, self-published science-fiction novel.

The Wool: The Graphic Novel will be serialized through six digital issues via the Kindle Serials Program beginning in June before it is collected in to a full graphic to be available in print and digital from Amazon Publishing.

Wool is set in a dystopian future in which the earth’s surface is devastated and survivors live in a protected society below the surface of the earth. The covers of all six issues of the Wool graphic novel have been designed by Eisner Award-award winning comics artist Darwyn Cooke. The Wool: The Graphic Novel was written by comics veterans Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and drawn by artist Jimmy Broxton. Palmiotti and Jet City Comics editor Alex Carr will also be appearing at the Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday afternoon.

Jet City Comics was launched by Amazon Publishing in July of 2013 and the list will feature comics works by such authors as George R.R. Martin and Neal Stephenson.