DC Entertainment has announced plans for a year-long celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman, the iconic Golden Age comic book character that debuted in 1939 and helped to launch the superhero genre. In addition to honoring comics artist and writer Bob Kane, for many years credited solely with creating Batman, it appears DC will begin to recognize comics writer Bill Finger, long-recognized by the comics community as Batman’s uncredited co-creator as well as the writer of the first Batman script.

Along with Superman, who first appeared in 1938, Batman contributed to growth of the popularity of the superhero genre as well as that of the traditional American comic book format when the character first appeared. And much like Superman, Batman remains enormously popular in the U.S. and around the world, to this very day.

DC, along with its parent company Warner Bros., have a wide variety of plans for the celebration—from art exhibits to publishing to movies and TV shows, merchandise and more—including a Batman Day on July 23, to be held in conjunction with comics retailers around the country. DC Entertainment has launched a website devoted to Batman’s 75th Anniversary and issued a release with details about the forthcoming celebration.