Archie Comics, home of the redhead teenager from Riverdale as well as comics based on videogame favorites Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, has released its graphic novel lineup for Fall 2014. Archie’s Fall list of 33 titles offers decades worth of stories in a number of greatest hits collections, along with the latest collected editions of the publisher's ongoing series.

Leading the pack are a remastered edition of the Best of Archie Comics – boasting 400 pages of handpicked stories, the second volume of the smash horror-hit Afterlife with Archie, and a deluxe edition of last year's groundbreaking Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Collide crossover.

Standouts from the more than 30 total books also include the sixth volume of the critically acclaimed newsstand publication Archie: The Married Life, which chronicles the hypothetical adult lives of Riverdale inhabitants like Betty, Jughead and Kevin Keller, Archie’s groundbreaking gay teenager. Keller also appears in Kevin Keller: Top of the World, the latest collection of stories starring Archie's first openly gay character. And fans of Mega Man can look forward to Mega Man 9: Dawn of X, in which the popular Mega Man takes on Robot X, a living robot that has bridged the gap between man and machine, in a titanic struggle to stop the mechanical menace.

“The Fall slate for Archie really epitomizes what we’re all about as a company – versatility, pushing boundaries and good storytelling,” said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “From Afterlife with Archie to the Deluxe Sonic/Mega Man volume, we’re covering all kinds of ground. Add in core Archie titles like Best of Archie volume 4 and Kevin Keller and you’ve got an eclectic, entertaining and essential dose of pop culture."