Crowdwatch spotlights new and notable crowdfunded comics projects that are worthy of attention—or support. This week, airship battles light up the sky in Skies of Fire, crime and corruption lurk within the Unfinished City, the life and times of a Schmuck, and more.

Skies of Fire
Written by Vincenzo Ferriero , Ray Chou and drawn by Pablo Peppino and Bryan Valenza

Goal: $4,500
Pledged as of 4/8: $12,559
End Date: Friday, April 11, 2014

Airships are the vehicles of choice of the Aquilan Empire, which uses its vast fleet to maintain dominance over a number of neighboring countries. But airborne pirates are a constant thorn in the empire's side, and after one notorious raider goes on the offensive, the Zephyr and her intrepid crew is tapped to take him down. To do so, they must travel into The Expanse, an eternal storm at the center of the Aquilan Empire that has become a hotbed of lawlessness and violence.

Thus the stage is set for Skies of Fire, a new full-color alternate history comic book series centered around epic airship battles, written by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou, and illustrated by Pablo Peppino and Bryan Valenza. Skies of Fire began as a film project between Ferriero and Chou, but has since morphed into a primarily digital ongoing title. The first 24-page full-color issue is currently scheduled to be released through Comixology in July.

Top rewards include original art, an appearance in the comic, a Google Hangout session with the creators, and an executive producer credit.

Written by Seth Kushner and drawn by Various

Goal: $15,000
Pledged as of 4/8: $9,398
End Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From writer and photojournalist Seth Kushner comes Schmuck, a semi-autobiographical comic anthology about an awkward guy's romantic travails in New York City. Originally appearing on Trip City, Schmuck is the honest account of Adam Kessler, a 20-something living in New York who's drifting through an unfulfilled, loveless life. Kushner compares Schmuck to comics like American Splendor, Minimum Wage, as well as Curb Your Enthusiasm and the films of Woody Allen.

Joining Kushner are 22 illustrators that will provide visuals for each of the book's "schmucky" vignettes that tie together into a cohesive narrative. They include Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi, Noah Van Sciver, Gregory Benton, and Josh Neufeld. In addition to the 168-page trade paperback and an exclusive high-quality edition of Schmuck, funding will also go towards laucnhing Hang Dai Editions, an independent imprint founded by Kushner, Haspiel, Benton and Neufeld.

Top rewards include original art and comic book consultations with Bertozzi, Haspiel, Neufeld and Benton, as well as a professional portrait photoshoot by Kushner.

Unfinished City
Written by Benjamin Dickson, Sayvija Martinović and drawn by Robert Solanović, edited by Shane Chebsey

Goal: £9,500
Pledged as of 4/8: £2,851
End Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After ten years abroad, Nadja Djurkovic returns home to visit her sister in Nikšić, a small Eastern-European city that never recovered after the fall of communism. But prior to her arrival, her sister is murdered and Nadja is faced with solving the crime in a place far different than she remembers.

Unfinished City is a thrilling crime saga from writers Benjamin Dickson and Sayvija Martinović, illustrated by Robert Solanović, and edited by Shane Chebsey. The finished book, scheduled to be finished in roughly a year, will be 144 pages of black and white art, available in both trade paperback and deluxe hardcover, as well as in digital.

Top rewards include an invitation to the book's launch party, assorted merchandise, original art, and advertising opportunities within the book.

Doc Unknown: Winter of the Damned & Others
Written by Fabian Rangel Jr. and drawn by Ryan Cody

After two successful campaigns, Doc Unknown is back to protect Gate City from another batch of supernatural dangers in a new graphic novel, written by Fabian Rangel Jr. and illustrated by Ryan Cody. The completed book will be 104 pages, with over 60 pages of new material as well as a number of previously published Doc Unknown stories. Pledged as of 4/8: $11,532/ $5,500; funding ends April 9th.

Table Titans Vol. 1: First Encounters
Written and drawn by Scott Kurtz

Collecting the first season of the ongoing, Dungeons & Dragons-inspired webcomic by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Scott Kurtz. Every week, Val Bronzebottom and her companions resume their spirited quest and celebrate the tradition of tabletop RPGs. The finished, Kickstarter exclusive book will be an oversized, full-color trade paperback. Pledged as of 4/8: $71,969/ $30,000; funding ends April 10th.

The Oswald Chronicles Vol. 2
Written by J.D. Calderon and drawn by Jade Gonzalez, Luigito Teruel, and Daphne Lage

Mouse mage Oswald returns in an all new fantasy graphic novel written by J.D. Calderon, containing two exciting comic book adventures from the ongoing webcomic, plus an illustrated prose story. The finished book will be a 158-page, black and white trade paperback. Pledged as of 4/8: $2,318/ $3,500; funding ends April 18th.

Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone
Written and drawn by Travis Hanson

Join treasure hunter Tanner Jones and his crew of teddy bear pirates onboard the "Scrawny Duck," as they hunt for fabled Monkey Stone in an original all-ages graphic novel from Travis Hanson. The finished book will be a 60-page, full-color landscape hardcover. Pledged as of 4/8: $20,257/ $11,000; funding ends April 22nd.

Tiki P.I. Issues 1 - 5 The Trade Paperback
By Erik Carlon & Bill Hewitt

Collecting the first five issues of the ongoing Hawaiian supernatural detective serial by Erik Carlson and Bill Hewitt. As described by its creators, Tiki P.I. combines "the 1960s cool of shows like Hawaii 5-0 and The Avengers with the slapstick fun of the classic Saturday morning cartoons." The finished book will be a 120-page black and white trade paperback. Pledged as of 4/8: $2,319/ $4,300; funding ends April 20th.

The Wolf
Written by Daniel Dowsing and drawn by Steve Wilson

A pack of wolves has begun to terrorize the residents of a remote town in the northern tundra, and only one man seems willing to face them. Writer Daniel Dowsing and illustrator Steve Wilson present a dark and harrowing graphic novella that explores what happens when the forces of nature meet the will of man. The finished book will be a 50-page, black and white trade paperback and hardcover. Pledged as of 4/8: £1,263/ £5,000; funding ends April 22nd.

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