Corinne Mucha's been somewhat of a well-kept secret on the comics scene; in addition to publishing My Alaskan Summer via a Xeric Award in 2008, and the YA graphic novel Freshman: Tales of 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations and Other Nonsense in 2011, her mini-comics work exemplifies some of the best usage of the format encountered. First person narration, or internal monologue, is a common practice in comics, but Mucha stretches the technique to unspool what lies within her cranium: melding thoughts and using imagination to dissect both the everyday and more complex concepts.

The visualization of that process is often reflected in very compact, text heavy pages, simultaneously rich and yet precise in execution and clear in intent. In 2012, she won an Ignatz award for a typically zingy, humorous effort, The Monkey in the Basement and other Delusions.

With her new book, Get Over It!, from highly regarded alt comics publishers, Secret Acres, Mucha returns to adult long form comics after six years, addressing once again the subject of relationships, or, to be accurate, the "getting over it" part after a relationship's end. Mucha maintains the auto-biographical sweet-spot, maintaining a balance between the personal and involved, without descending into narcissism, whilst hilariously dredging through the universal impulses and emotions of the post break-up period. A highlight of the upcoming month's releases.

Get Over It! (ISBN 978-0988814967) comes out on May 9th from Secret Acres.