To mark the June 6 release of the new sci-fi blockbuster film, Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, Viz Media has released a new paperback edition of the book the film is based on, in addition to publishing a new graphic novel adaptation of the book. The graphic novel, All You Need is Kill, will be published this week by Haikasoru, a Viz imprint specializing in contemporary Japanese science-fiction and fantasy for English language readers.

Originally entitled All You Need is Kill, the prose work is written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and was originally published in Japan in 2004 and was republished in 2009 as the lead title for the launch the Hasikasoru imprint. Retitled, along with the film, Edge of Tomorrow, the new paperback prose edition is available now and the western-styled graphic novel, which retains the book’s original title, will be released this week. The new paperback release will feature a new cover illustration depicting Cruise and Blunt in their roles in the film.

The All You Need is Kill graphic novel has been adapted from the original prose work by Haikasoru editor and sci-fi novelist Nick Mamatas and features the full-color artwork of comics artist Lee Ferguson. Set in the future during an alien invasion of Earth, All You Need is Kill is centered on the character of Keiji Kiriya, a new recruit, outfitted with high tech battle armor and sent out to kill the enemy. Except in this war he’s killed, again and again, only to be reborn repeatedly and returned to battlefield to die again. After his 158th reincarnation, he is contacted by the “Full Metal Bitch,” a mysterious ally that may be able to help him escape or lead to his final demise.

Haikasro editor Joel Enos, who edited the graphic novel, said the Mamatas/Ferguson adaptation “stays true to the original,” and emphasized that “we made a conscious effort to create something unique that could stand on its own, away from both the original novel, the film and the upcoming manga, but would nicely complement and pay respects to all three.”

Both the grapic novel adaptation and the prose work are available as e-books under the title All You Need is Kill. E-books for both are available via Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, the Nook Book Store, Kobo, the Viz Manga app and through