Madefire, the Berkeley, Calif.-based digital media company known for producing partially animated “Motion Book” comics, has added four more publishers to their lineup in a set of deals announced today. Seraphim, Archie Comics, Lion Forge and Arcana have signed master agreements to bring their properties onto the Madefire platform.

The initial titles from the new deals leads with Archie's Afterlife With Archie, the publisher’s breakout hit horror title featuring Archie and the gang trying to survive a zombie incursion (it’s really not for kids). Lion Forge, a transmedia company known for their comics based on TV licenses leads with Knight Rider, based on the 1980s David Hasselhoff program. Arcana starts out with The Intrinsic. Seraphim begins their run with Clive Barker’s Books of Blood.

Of these announcements, Seraphim might be the most interesting. Seraphim is horror and comics writer and artist Clive Barker’s production company. “Never before have I seen anything like this. Madefire, has created a radical way in which to read comics and I'm excited beyond words to be a part of the revolution,” says Barker about the deal. More importantly, Madefire CEO Ben Wolstenholme says Barker is developing material exclusively for the Madefire platform and that “he really understands the opportunities that a move to digital reading presents; simple things like timing and introducing surprise where the printed page couldn't.”

One of Madefire’s most noted series from an aesthetic standpoint is the Mike Carey/David Kendall horror series “Houses of the Holy” and it may not be a coincidence that Archie chose to move forward with their horror series at the same time Barker signed up.

Madefire has previously signed up DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse and Top Cow. While Marvel is the most notable absence, Madefire has signed up a wide variety of publishers. Madefire’s Motion Books are available on their iOS app and on the web via Deviant Art.