Madefire, the "motion book” digital comics platform, has expanded to the Windows 8 operating system, launching with a free 5-installment Transformers comic exclusive to their app. The app is available in the Windows Store by searching for “Madefire.” It’s currently available for tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Previously Madefire was only viewable on iOS devices and through the browser at the DeviantArt website.

Making this new Windows 8 app potentially more interesting to the publishing world is the fact Berkeley-based Madefire was working with Microsoft during the app’s development. “We had access to senior people on the Windows 8 team,” explained Eugene Walden, Madefire’s CTO. “We’re taking full advantage of the unique features of Windows 8.”

Although iOS and Android have gotten most of the attention for comics-based apps, Walden explained that Madefire couldn’t ignore the sheer size of the Windows userbase and the potential uses of Microsoft’s universal Windows app initiative. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to have all devices share a common operating system and interface. While Madefire’s Windows 8 app is starting out for tablets, laptops and desk tops, it won’t be an arduous task to include Windows 8 phones and even the X-Box, both of which figure to introduced into the Madefire system in due time.

“Windows 8 can be on a full computer or an entertainment device,” said Walden.

“It can be used for making motion books or for reading,” elaborated Madefire founder Ben Wolstenholme. “Microsoft has been very embracing of future looking experiences” he said in reference to Madefire’s hybrid comics format.

The Transformers comic is Transformers: Punishment, written by John Barber and drawn by Livio Ramondelli. This free five-episode series, roughly equivalent to 60 pages of print comics, is original content made specifically for the Madefire platform and will be exclusive to the Windows 8 platform. This coincides with Friday’s debut of the Transformers: Age of Extinction film. Transformers digital comics have been known to be big sellers when the movies are in the theaters.

Madefire plans on migrating the rest of its motion book to the Windows 8 app after the San Diego Comic-Con in July.