Crowdwatch spotlights new and notable crowdfunded comics projects that are worthy of attention—or support. This week, a schizophrenic sketchpad, amphibians raising hell, damsels taking the lead, bardic fury, and the return of Watson & Holmes.

Watson & Holmes Volume 2
New Paradigm Studios

Goal: $20,000
Pledged as of 8/20: $16,230
End date: Sat., August 23

The Eisner-nominated and Glyph Award-winning series returns with its second volume, featuring a series of standalone stories by a variety of different writers and artists.

Created by New Paradigm Studios publisher Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza, Watson & Holmes is a reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, starring two African American detectives solving crimes in Harlem. The second features work by Brandon Easton and N. Steven Harris, Steven Grant, Hannibal Tabu, Dennis Calero, Lyndsey Faye, and Eli Powell (additional stories may be added if stretch goals are reached). The final book collects Watson & Holmes issues 6–9, and will be available in both trade paperback and hardcover. Estimated delivery date is December 2014.

Jesse Reklaw

Goal: $2,500
Pledged as of 8/20: $3,109
End date: Fri., August 29

Over the course of one month, cartoonist Jesse Reklaw (Couch Tag) experienced a deluge of crises and documented his mental anguish upon the pages of his sketchpad with a series of drawings, ramblings, quotes, and more. After he finally found some stability, he was able to craft a narrative around the warped drawings. LOVF is the result.

The funding pledged will go to publishing, shipping, supplies, and Amazon and Kickstarter fees, as well as a signing tour with stops in New York, Washing DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. The final book will be a 5.5" x 8.5" with 168 full-color pages. Estimated delivery date is June 2015.

Valor: Fairy Tale Comic Anthology About Courageous Heroines
Megan Lavey-Heaton

Goal: $20,000
Pledged as of 8/20: $70,134
End date: Sat., August 30

No damsels in distress can be found in Valor, an anthology of fairy tales starring courageous heroines. The book contains both existing stories (such as Red Riding Hood and the Little Mermaid) but retold with the female characters in the lead, as well as original stories.

Valor was created and is edited by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Leavey-Heaton, and contains work by Angelica Maria Lopez, Annie Stoll, Tim Ferrera, Emily Hahn, laura Neubert, Morgan Beem, Michelle "Misha" Kirvanek, Sara Goetter, and more. The final book will contain over 200 full-color pages, and will be available in hardcover and digital. Estimated delivery date is February 2015.

Fight Frogs
Jimmy Giegerich

Goal: $2,100
Pledged as of 8/20: $2,123
End date: Mon., September 1

In the tradition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Battletoads comes Fight Frogs, a comic that follows Crud, Scuzz, and Gorp a trio of frog brothers who fight hard and party even harder.

Creator Jimmy Giegerich has nearly completed the comic and is hoping to have printed in time for Small Press Expo in September. The finished comic will be a 36 page, full-color, zine-style book. Estimated delivery date is September 2014.

Mega Fauna
Cloudscape Comics

Goal: $4,700 CAD
Pledged as of 8/20: $1,643 CAD
End date: Tue., September 9

Collecting 25 stories from a plethora of talents, Mega Fauna is an all-ages anthology about and starring animals and creatures, created by the Cloudscape Comics Society of British Columbia, Canada.

The short stories, which range from comedy to tragedy and everything in between, explore human's relationships with animals, as well as anthropomorphized animals with all-too-human problems. Contributors include Nina Matsumoto, Edison Yan, Colin Upton, Eric Johnson, and many more. The final book will contain over 200 full-color pages available in both print and digital formats. Estimated delivery date is November, 2014.

Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury Volume 1
Daniel de Sosa

Goal: £2,900
Pledged as of 8/20: £1,485
End date: Tue., September 9

Travel back to Iron Age Ireland, a place where music was considered magic and bards were treated like rock stars. It's here that Bryan, a young aspiring musician must complete his training by bringing his talents to a small remote village that has been without music for 20 years. Once there, as creator Daniel de Sosa says, "bardic fury ensues."

Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury collects the first five chapters of de Sosa's story which was inspired by his own travels throughout Ireland, and celebrates the region's rich artistic legacy. The final book will contain 120 pages of one color illustration in a manga-sized volume. Estimated delivery date is February 2015.

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