Canadian comics and art book publishers Koyama Press is launching their first line of titles aimed at younger readers this fall, including John Martz's A Cat Named Tim in September. A cartoonist and illustrator, Martz is an Ignatz award-winning author, with a roster of comics and picture books to his name, including an adaptation of Abbott & Costello’s Who’s On First?, Destination X with Nobrow Press, and Gold Star with Retrofit Comics. His comics and illustrations have appeared in The Globe & Mail, MAD Magazine, Maisonneuve, and more. In addition he ran the much-admired Drawn blog for years.

Combining picture book and comic book principles, and largely wordless, Martz creates a hugely engaging story filled with colorful characters and beautifully illustrated spreads that sees Tim the cat embark on a series of adventures in a unique, delightful little world. A world in which mice and duck are enthusiastic aviators, pigs wait happily for buses that never come, and cats paint on ceilings. Martz's illustrations are imbued with his signature charm and appeal, his protagonists ripe with a cheeky wit which never fails to please.