Two masters of horror combine to bring forth the graphic adaptation of the infamous The King in Yellow, a classic piece of weird fiction that promises madness and delivers genuine chills, and made major pop culture waves last year for its heavy presence in HBO's hit series True Detective.

Originally published in 1895, Robert W Chambers’ eerie short story collection has influenced such fellow cult creators as HP Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler. The King in Yellow is both the title of the book, and the name of a play within the book, which is believed to induce madness in those who witness it.

Now INJ Culbard has brought this twisted tale to life as a graphic novel. Culbard is no stranger to the weird and wonderful, adapting Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Out of Time as graphic novels, both to great acclaim. He also collaborated on two science fiction highlights of 2014: War of the Worlds inspired Wild’s End at Boom! Studios written by Dan Abnett; and the brilliant Brass Sun at 2000 AD with Ian Edginton. One of the UK’s most prolific cartoonists, his work always guarantees an intelligent and instantly recognizable graphic style.

Clean lines, bold colors, and characters that wriggle right into the readers’ brain are Culbard’s trademark. In the realm of The King in Yellow, those skills are put to dastardly use as what begins in intrigue ends in poisonous insanity and palpable fright.

The King in Yellow (978-1-90683-892-8) is published on June 16th SelfMadeHero.