Norwegian cartoonist Jason is the master of haunting comics that wriggle into the reader’s brain and very often break their heart. With its signature four-panel grid, basic anthropomorphic animal characters, and ligne claire minimalism throughout, Jason's work seems simple, yet the uncomplicated surface gives way to complex layers that hold far deeper meanings.

If You Steal—his first book since 2013’s Lost Cat—collects eleven new stories, with a definite focus on pop culture pastiche. Jason casts his net wide: Frida Kahlo as a hitwoman (as seen on the cover), a 1950s horror-styled take on Van Morrison’s Moondance, JFK assassination conspiracies, and a heist story with touches of Magritte.

Jason’s entire oeuvre is published in English by Fantagraphics and is essential reading for any fan of comics, art, pulp fiction, or silent/near-wordless narratives. From the earliest Hey, Wait… through his masterpiece I Killed Adolf Hitler, each is an instant classic. If You Steal is no exception.

If You Steal (9781606998540) comes out on September 6th from Fantagraphics.