This follow up to the French graphic novel, Love: The Tiger sees writer Frédéric Brrémaud and artist Federico Bertolucci expanding their astonishing look at the beauty and terror of our natural world.

While Love: The Tiger followed the eponymous animal through the jungle on its hunt for prey, Love: The Fox has a wider scope–the island that the fox inhabits is the true protagonist of this story, suffering a massive volcanic explosion that impacts the lives of every creature living there. From the sleek fox foraging for food, to a passing polar bear and mother whale, Brrémaud and Bertolucci have focused on very specific acts of love in the animal kingdom.

The second in a four-volume series of wordless graphic novels with animal protagonists—the next books follow a lion and then a dinosaur—Love: The Fox features gorgeous full page illustrations that recall Disney’s animated classics. Bertolucci captures the various interactions between competing and panicked animals, allowing the occasional exaggerated expression to convey a sense of drama. It’s a delicate balance of accuracy and expressiveness.

Love: The Fox (9780991332441) is published on October 28th from Magnetic Press.