European graphic novel publisher Humanoids is starting two new lines of graphic titles. This fall the house will launch Humanoids Kids, a new imprint specializing in graphic novels for kids and young adults, and Slice of Life, a new line that will focus on titles aimed at older readers.

Now based in Hollywood, Humanoids is best known for publishing epic science-fiction graphic novels, including the works of such acclaimed French comics creators as artist Moebius and comics writer/filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Jo Witherington, Humanoids marketing and press liaison, said the new lines were an effort to diversify the Humanoids publishing list for the growing North American graphic novel market.

Humanoids Kids will launch with three titles, starting with the first book in the Gregory & the Gargoyles trilogy, a fantasy series by Denis-Pierre Filippi. It’s the story of a boy’s travels through a magical world, which will be released in hardcover later this month.

Humanoids Kids will release The Magical Twins, the first children’s graphic novel written by Jodorowsky (and illustrated by Georges Bess). Witherington said the book was first released in the spring as a YA title and “sold out in two weeks.” Humanoids will rebrand the book as a children's title and release a second printing in December. In September the house will publish Denis-Peirre Filippi and Olivier Boiscommun’s Halloween Tales, three interconnected “spooky yet sensitive tales.”

The Slice of Life line, Witherington said, will feature travelogues, memoirs, works on bereavement and works aimed at the LGBTQ community. The first titles will include The Retreat by Tom Tirabosco and Pierre Wazem, a story of friendship and mourning, that will be published during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September. And the house will also release Adrift by Gregory Mardon, a poetic tale of life at sea, exploration, travel and adventure.

Witherington said, “We’ve wanted to expand the publishing list and add kids' comics for awhile,” singling out The Magical Twins, Jodorowsky’s first children's title.

He said to look for more titles in the Slice of Life line in 2018. “Books for older readers like The Retreat, which will take on heavy topics such as suicide prevention, and diversity with works by female creators,” Witherington said. “We’re known for science fiction but we want to offer more of the titles we release in Europe that have not been seen in the U.S. market.”

Correction: in an earlier verision of this story Jo Witherington's job title was incorrect.