This month Titan Comics will release two deluxe hardcover collections of comics based on the wildly popular Doctor Who TV show.

The two hardcover editions will each collect a year of comics based on the performances of the latest actors to portray the good Doctor. This includes the Tenth (actor David Tennant) and Eleventh (actor Matt Smith) Doctor Who portrayals, which also feature the Doctor's various female sidekick characters, among them the waitress and aspiring artist Gabby Gonzalez and her buddy Cindy Wu (from the Tenth Doctor Who) and library assistant Alice Obiefune (from the Eleventh Doctor Who).

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Complete Year One features writers Nick Abadzis and Robbie Morrison, along with artists Elena Casagrande, Daniel Indro, Eleonora Carlini, Rachael Stott, Leonardo Romero, Arianna Florean. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Complete Year One features writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams and artists Simon Fraser, Warren Pleece, and Boo Cook.

Both titles will be released on November 21 and are priced at $49.99.

A longtime British pop culture classic, Doctor Who is the story of the adventures of an extraterrestrial being (he’s also called a Time Lord) who travels throughout time and space in the TARDIS, a space ship that looks suspiciously like a traditional British police/public phone booth. The show is an international cult favorite that over the years has featured 12 different actors portraying the dashing Doctor Who.

Here are excerpts from several different stories taken from both volumes.