Marking the 50th anniversary of the acclaimed 1968 animated musical fantasy The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Titan Comics is releasing an authorized, full-color graphic novel adaptation of the film written and illustrated by cartoonist Bill Morrison. The book will be published this month.

Directed by George Dunning, the Yellow Submarine was a critical and commercial hit when it was released in 1968. Indeed the animated feature has been credited with raising the profile of animation as a serious art form.

In the film and now graphic novel, the Beatles are recruited by the captain of the Yellow Submarine to free the captive Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Pepperland, from the clutches of the music-hating Blue Meanies, by using the power of love, and of course, their music.

The film’s story has been adapted for the graphic novel by Morrison, who has also adapted the original artwork of Heinz Edelmann. Morrison is interviewed on the PW comics podcast More To Come about the creation of the graphic adaptation. Morrison is the editor of Mad magazine, cofounder of Bongo Comics, the longtime publisher of the Simpson’s comics, and the former longtime cohost of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.