Acclaimed superhero writer Brian Michael Bendis takes over the writing of Superman in Action Comics Vol. 1: Invisible Mafia, a lively new adventure by the Man of Steel. In this nine-page excerpt, Superman has been falsely accused of a series of devastating fires and is forced to clear his name; Lois Lane, his wife and star Daily Planet reporter, has disappeared; and the Daily Planet is losing readers and Perry White is driving his reporters (Clark, of course, as well as Robinson Goode, a new black female reporter with an air of menace) for evermore scoops. If all of this weren’t enough, there’s a new and powerful super villain in Metropolis who may be behind a growing and well organized criminal empire. The hardcover collection of Invisible Empire Vol. 1 by Bendis and artists Ryan Sook, Patrick Gleason and Yanick Paquette will be published by DC this month.