Kevin Huizenga’s new graphic novel The River at Night is a return to the loopy hall of mirrors inside the head of Glenn Ganges, Huizenga’s irresistibly ordinary fictional dude and guide to the cerebral wonders of the drifting human mind. As Ganges and his wife Wendy (a perpetually overworked freelance illustrator) go about their daily lives, Ganges’s ambient mind and goofy-smart interests combine to take the reader on elaborate journeys through human consciousness in stories that delight in pushing the formal visual structures of the comics medium. In this 12-page excerpt, Ganges, unable to sleep, rummages his bookshelves looking for a book with the perfect combination of deep intellectual topic and unreadable text that will put him to sleep. Glenn Ganges In: The River at Night by Kevin Huizenga will be published by Drawn and Quarterly in October.