Comic Arts Brooklyn, an annual festival focused on indie and self-published comics and graphic novels, was held on the campus of Pratt Institute November 2 and featured an expanded number of tables and exhibiting artists.

CAB 2019 featured about a 30% increase in floor space, according to show organizer Gabe Fowler, owner of the Desert Island comics shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Exhibitor tables increased to about 250 tables (from about 130 last year), representing approximately 340 artists/collective groups, up from about 248 artists last year. Attendance at the show also appeared to rise (CAB does not release attendance figures) and there were throngs of fans roaming the show floor late in the afternoon on Saturday.

Programming at this year’s CAB featured appearances by such comics artists as Chris Ware (Rusty Brown), who appeared in conversation with acclaimed cartoonist Art Speigelman and Toon Books publisher Francoise Mouly; and Aline Kominsky-Crumb (Love that Bunch), who was interviewed on stage by cartoonist Lauren Weinstein.In addition, there were appearances by such cartoonists as Gabrielle Bell, Frank Santoro, Kim Deitch, Breena Nuñez, Lawrence Lindell, and Minnie Phan.

Publishers Weekly was on hand to bring back images from the weekend event.