In Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann’s lively young adult graphic novel Go With the Flow, high school sophomores Abby, Brit, and Christine, welcome Sasha, a new student, and bond in anticipation of a new school year. But when Sasha gets her period (yes, she’s wearing white jeans) and can’t find a single sanitary pad or tampon in any of the (usually) empty restroom dispensers, their year takes a different turn. To make matters worse, their complaints about the lack of pads are dismissed by indifferent school administrators—now they’re really pissed off. Why, the girls ask, does such a simple but crucial female health product receive so little regard? In this 11-page excerpt, the four friends decide to organize their high school and their community to make sure the issues around menstruation and female health are no longer ignored. Go With the Flow is co-written by Williams and Schneeman (with art by Williams) and will be published in January by First Second.