Banned Book Club by Kim Hyun Sook, Ko Hyung-Ju, and Ryan Estrada is the true story of Hyun Sook’s years as a South Korean college student under the brutal military regime of the early 1980s. Although the campus has erupted in violent student protests against the government, Hyun Sook, an apolitical freshman enthralled with literature and books, is uninvolved and fearful of her mother who disapproves of the protests and is dubious about her being in college at all. She is thrilled to meet the handsome editor of the school’s student newspaper, who invites her to join his student reading club. But instead of discussing Moby Dick in a cafe, Hyun Sook finds herself, and her fearless pro-democracy book club classmates, forced into hiding under threat of arrest or worse by a repressive government at war with the freedom to read almost anything. Hyun Sook’s irresistible memoir conveys her political (and social) awakening with equal measures of hilarity and comedy alongside moments of sheer terror as her eyes are opened to the brutal nature of the regime. In this 11-page excerpt Hyun Sook meets the members of the Banned Book Club who will transform her life as a student and as a citizen. The Banned Book Club will be published this month by Iron Circus Comics.