Acclaimed anime director Makoto Shinkai not only directed the Weathering With You anime released in 2019 but also wrote the novelization published in the U.S. by Yen Press, and wrote the forthcoming manga adaptation. It’s the story of Hodaka, a teenage boy who runs away from his small island home to the big city of Tokyo during a time when it seems to never stop raining. In Tokyo he meets Hina, a young woman who appears to have a mysterious power to affect the weather—indeed he discovers that she can stop the incessant rain and bring out the sun. In this 10-page excerpt from the manga, Hodaka is onboard a ship heading to Tokyo when a storm begins to form ominously in the sky above, taking a mythological shape before showering the ship in a powerful, drenching rain that nearly sweeps him overboard. Weathering With You Vol.1 by Makoto Shinkai with art by Wataru Kobuta will be published by Kodansha in June. The excerpt is presented in a vertical scroll with the first few pages in color. Remember that manga reads from right to left on the page and within each panel.