In Blade Runner 2019: Off World Vol. 2, the graphic novel sequel to Ridley Scott’s acclaimed 1982 dystopian sci-fi film, Ash Ashina, a Blade Runner or bounty hunter charged with tracking down and destroying the biomachanical humanoids known as replicants, has separated from Cleo, daughter of business tycoon Alexander Selwyn, who she rescued and transported to the Off World colonies. In this 10-page excerpt, it’s seven years later and Ash has been tracked by Hythe, a new and typically ruthless Blade Runner, hired in the wake of a violent replicant uprising. She’s been hired to find Cleo and tracking down Ash is the first step. Blade Runner 2019: Off World Vol. 2 by Michael Green, and Mike Johnson with art by Andres Guinaldo will be published this month by Titan Comics.