Although The Fanatic is showcasing a selection from Embodied in Panel Mania to mark National Poetry Month, this anthology of comics poetry is being published to coincide with International Women’s Health Month in May, and a portion of the proceeds from its sale will go to the International Women’s Health Coalition. Edited by the book’s publishers Wendy and Tyler Chin-Tanner, Embodied offers 23 poems focused on gender, identity and the body by an impressive selection of contemporary cis female, trans and non-binary poets, adapted into comics narratives drawn, colored and lettered by non-cis male artists. From the book’s introduction: “Our vision with this book is to provide a platform for poets and artists of marginalized genders and identities to tell their own stories, at a time when they are most under siege.” The comics poem featured in this excerpt is “Tapestry” by Khaty Xiong with art by Morgan Beem. Embodied: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology edited by Wendy and Tyler Chin-Tanner will be published by A Wave Blue World in May.