Young adult novelist Justin A. Reynolds and artist Pablo Leon’s Miles Morales Shockwaves is a middle grade graphic novel starring the young Afro-Latino Spidey in a lively adventure showcasing his mother’s Puerto Rican heritage. An earthquake hits the island and Miles, along with the help of Kyle, a new female classmate, organizes a disaster benefit with the help of her dad, who gets the corporation he works for to act as sponsor. But when Kyle’s dad goes missing, she is forced to join forces with Spider-Man (Miles, unbeknownst to her) to try find out what’s going on. In this 12-page excerpt Miles gets some advice from Peter Parker about the responsibilities of being a superhero and a son, before taking on this new mystery. The book also includes a preview story of a forthcoming middle grade novel starring Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel. Miles Morales Shockwaves by Justin A. Reynolds and Pablo Leon will be published by Graphix (under a partnership between Marvel and Scholastic) in June.