Written by Marc Bernadin with art by Ariela Kristantina, Adora and the Distance is the story of a young girl named Adora who takes off on a fantastic journey with a mysterious force called The Distance in relentless pursuit. But Adora is as mysterious as the force pursuing her and only she can define, or perhaps overcome, whatever its ultimate nature turns out to be. In fact, this is an allegorical tale written by Bernadin about his daughter, who was diagnosed with autism when she was two years old. In an afterword he writes that Adora was conceived to be an epic fantasy quest, but it’s really a story about “what it’s like inside the mind of child who can’t tell you what she is thinking, what she is feeling,” adding, “I imagined a quest, in which she chooses to brave the unknown and journey from her world to ours.” Adora and the Distance by Marc Bernadin with art by Ariela Kristantina will be published by Comixology Originals as a digital comic on Father’s Day June 15.