Tuki: Fight for Fire by Jeff Smith (best known for the acclaimed graphic novels Bone and RASL) is a new graphic novel set two million years in the past during a period when multiple varieties of the human species were likely to have existed at the same time. Inspired by Smith’s love of classic tales about lost realms, his love of science, and a longtime fascination with evolution, Tuki is a comic adventure tale that imagines a meetup between the Pithecines, an early two-legged half-human, the Habiline people, shaggy upright hominids with a bigger brain, and our hero, Tuki, a strange nomad and a new kind of human with an even bigger brain and the awesome ability to control fire. In this 8-page excerpt, Tuki has reluctantly attracted a motley crew of both earlier human species who cling to him fascinated by his clever use of fire as they make their way across a vast and dangerous prehistoric landscape in search of a massive herd of buffalo. Tuki: Fight for Fire by Jeff Smith is out now from Cartoon Books.