Known for his work writing Batman, James Tynion IV turns to the horror genre in a new graphic novel The Nice House on the Lake. After a year living through a pandemic, an invitation to come and hang out at a really nice house on a really beautiful lake would be pretty hard to resist. In The Nice House on the Lake a group of young accomplished professionals—an artist, an accountant, a scientist, a doctor, a pianist, and so on—are lured to this idyllic venue, invited by Walter, a mutual albeit low-key odd friend/acquaintance that some of them have known for years, some have known him from college, while others in the group have met him only recently. They’re all about to learn a good deal more about Walter and about this house on the lake. In this nine-page excerpt we meet each of these individuals and learn their backgrounds (and when they were “chosen” by Walter) as they arrive at the house. The Nice House on the Lake Vol. 1 by James Tynion, Álvaro Martínez Bueno, and Jordie Bellaire will be published by DC in March.