The Winds of Numa Sera, by Morgan Rosenblum and Jonny Handler, is an ambitious and luxuriously illustrated fantasy graphic novel of epic proportions. Drawn by the creative team of Eduard Petrovick, Eduardo Mello, and Valentina Taddeo, the book is the story of the medieval-like empire of Numa Sera and its sovereignty over a vast and restless assemblage of conquered lands. But the empire’s relentless wars of conquest have left it vulnerable to foreign enemies, rebellion, and to conspiracies within the royal court. In this 10-page excerpt, Lelia, the young empress who will eventually inherit her father’s ruling power, secretly plays a strategic game of conquest with Krill, a common stable boy who she’s befriended. Krill regularly sneaks into the palace to play the game, but later their relationship will change dramatically, when by chance he discovers an incriminating secret that will transform their lives. The Winds of Numa Sera by Morgan Rosenblum and Jonny Handler will be published in June by Dark Horse.