Independent manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has reversed its earlier decision and has agreed to recognize the United Workers of Seven Seas as the union representative of its workers without holding a National Labor Relations Board election. Seven Seas will become the first unionized manga and light novel publishing house in North America.

In a statement posted on Twitter, UW7S announced: “Seven Seas has agreed to voluntarily recognize us as the union based on a majority card check.” The statement continues: “This decision by Seven Seas eliminates the need for an NLRB conducted election and will pave the way for a more expedited path to bargaining a first contract. At a time when many employers continue to fight the unionization of their employees, we appreciate that Seven Seas decided to respect the voices of the majority of staff and recognize us. We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship and reaching a collective bargaining agreement in the near future."

In May, the UW7S announced plans to represent Seven Seas workers (30 of its 40 employees signed a public note of support for the union) and its intention to seek certification from the NLRB. Seven Seas management initially announced their intention to seek an NLRB election before reversing the decision.

PW reached out to the Seven Seas Entertainment management for confirmation and a statement; the company has not yet responded with comment