The Last Session is the story of a delightfully diverse group of close high school friends and RPG gamers–they’re all members of the school’s Gender Sexuality Alliance Club–as they prepare to finish a longrunning Dice & Deathtraps gaming campaign as their high school years come to an end. But as they approach their final gaming session, the group is forced to confront the significance and complexity of their friendships, uncertainty about their plans for careers and schools, demanding parental expectations, and the emotional complications around integrating new partners into an already established group of friends. In this 11-page excerpt, Walter (he/him) has to deal with parents worried that he isn’t focused on college and a career; Shen (she/her) is bummed after breaking up with her girlfriend, and Lana (she/her) can’t seem to accept that her longtime friend and GSA club leader Jay (they/them) has a new partner, Cass (she/her), who has joined the D&D game and changed the group’s dynamic, as well as Lana’s friendship with Jay. The Last Session Vol 1: Roll For Initiative by Jasmine Walls and Dozerdraws is out now, published by Mad Cave Studios.