In this movingly told, dynamically illustrated graphic memoir, the great Black Olympic track champion Tommie Smith chronicles his life, from growing up dirt-poor as the son of sharecropper parents, through his emergence in the late 1950s as a gifted young multi-sport athlete, to his politicization during the Civil Rights Movement and the heroic Black Power salute he raised (along with fellow Black American medal-winner John Carlos) in protest of American racism and injustice at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics after winning the gold medal. In this 13-page excerpt, Smith alternates between reflections on his thoughts during the 200-meter Olympic race he won, memories of dealing with the vicious American racism of the period, and his recollections of the growing public acclaim over his formidable talent in baseball, football, and, in particular, track and field, as he became a dominant athletic star during his high school years. Victory. Stand! Raising My Fist For Justice by Tommie Smith and Derrick Barnes, with art by Dawud Anyabwile, will be published this month by W.W. Norton.